Adoption Services

Every child has the right to a permanent home. The welfare of the child is the primary consideration in adoption with the needs of the prospective parents being secondary. Adoption is the legal and social process whereby the relationship of parent and child is created between persons not related by birth.
Evidence-Based Programs

Eleven prevention and intervention programs have been identified as model programs (after reviewing more than six hundred) nationwide. These premier programs have documented outcomes to prove their success at preventing problem behaviors among youth. Family Services of NW PA offers Five of these programs.
Office-Based Counseling Services

Office-based counseling provides services to individual, families and couples in Erie County. These services are provided to clients expressing a variety of concerns including marital difficulties, parenting concerns, family problems, grief, anger and individual adjustment issues.
Volunteer Mentoring Services

Our volunteer mentoring programs match an adult with other adult (Mother To Mother Program) or an adult with a child (Big Brothers Big Sisters) to provide positive role models for social, recreational, cultural and interpersonal support and mentoring.